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Learning how to type is so easy in Al Bunny?s Typing Class. No boring instructions. No tedious practices. All you have to do is click ?Play? and have fun.

After the ?Play? button is clicked, a Ready-Set-Go splash screen will come up and give you a few seconds to set your hands on the keyboard. A standard keyboard normally has two keys with small bumps(they are the "F" and "J" keys in US-keyboard). You should place your index fingers on these two keys.

As soon as the Ready-Set-Go screen disappears, a small Al Bunny holding a blackboard will show up. On the blackboard, there is the character you should type. The same character will also be displayed on the blackboard hold by the big Al Bunny at the upper portion of the window.

As you may be aware of, the location where small Al Bunny shows up is related to the location of the key on a standard keyboard. Al Bunny?s Typing Class uses several visual cues to help you coordinate your eyes and fingers:

  • Small Al Bunny shows up at the location corresponding to the location of the key on a standard keyboard. If you type a wrong character, another small ear-down Al Bunny holding a red-board will also show up at the location corresponding to the key you press.
  • ?
  • The color-banded background groups the keys and their suggested fingers to use.
  • ?
  • Shadow hand drawing indicates the suggested finger to use.

With the help of these visual cues, you should avoid looking at the keyboard.

  • First, focus on the center region of the screen and type. If you see the ear-down Al Bunny, just see how far away it is from the ear-up Al Bunny, then move your finger toward that direction and type again. This approach has been proven very effective in coordinating eyes and fingers for typing.
  • As you getting more proficient, you should then just look at the big Al Bunny and type. This is the way to verify if you have built up the reflective reaction between your eyes and fingers.
  • Though this is the Class Mode, it is still like a game. During the class session, when you see the ear-up Al Bunny, you need to type the character on its blackboard as fast as you can. You will lose a carrot if you type the wrong character. You will see Game Over window if you

    • Fail to type all the required characters for the level in the time limit set by the level.
    • ?
    • Lose all the carrots.
    If you type all the required characters in the given time limit, you will advance to the next level. Before that, if your accuracy reaches 90%, you will be given a bonus round to get some extra points. In the bonus round, as shown in the picture below,
    you need to enter all the characters from left to right as fast as possible. The faster you finish, the higher the bonus points you get.

    After a few practices, you may find a few characters you need to practice more. You can click the "Enter characters" option and enter the characters you would like to practice.

    That's all, get started and enjoy!
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