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It has been 20 years since Al Bunny's Typing Class first debuted on Windows 3.1. Though keyboard is no longer the only way for entering information, it is still far more efficient than other means if the user possesses good typing skills. To improve typing skills, there is no need to go through lengthy and wordy lessons. After all, typing is no rocket science. All it takes is to train the fingers to touch the correct keys reflectively, just like touch the tip of nose. Of course, training normally is boring. So the key to success is finding a way to go through the training and enjoy it. Al Bunny's Typing Class was created just to make training feel like playing.

Having two generations of users (there are users who used Al Bunny when they were kids now teach their own kids to type with Al Bunny), we constantly think about how to make Al Bunny's Typing Class benefit as many people as possible in a financially sustainable way. Thanks to the advance in web technologies, we are finally able to make Al Bunny available to anyone that has a modern browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Using the web edition of Al Bunny’s Typing Class, you can type like a pro in no time with just two easy steps:

First, enter the Typing Class.  Through the innovative visual cue and thoughtfully designed practice sets, your fingers can quickly “find” the key to press without the help of your eyes. There are also audio feedbacks to help you build up the rhythm in typing.

Next, enter the Race Track.  During the recess, you can race with Al Bunny to further strengthen your typing skills while having fun!

If you have suggestions or comments, please drop us a mail at mail@albunny.com
System Requirements: Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Please note that Firefox and Safari have some issues in playing game audio.
Disclaimer: Al Bunny’s Typing Class web edition is financially supported through advertisements. What you see in the advertisements does not represent endorsement from the creator of Al Bunny’s Typing Class, though we do hope you find something useful at bargain price.
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